Kaiser Jiu Jitsu

If size mattered, the elephant would be king of the jungle
— Rickson Gracie

Kaiser Stats

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Brown Belt

  • Combat Wrestling World Champion (74kg)

  • Combat Wrestling World Bronze (All Weight)

  • x2 Combat Wrestling National Champion (74kg)

  • x2 EBI Competitor (Eddie Bravo Invitational)

  • S7 Superfight winner (160lbs)

  • Submission Ace Jiu Jitsu Champion (Lightweight)

  • x10 Vancouver Island Jiu Jitsu Expert Champion

  • International Seminar Instructor

  • MMA commentator/spokesmen

  • Amateur MMA record ( 1 - 0 )

Competition Bio

Matt Kaiser is a grappling veteran with over a decade of experience and one of the most respected Jiu Jitsu instructors on the Island. Recently Kaiser represented Canada at the World Combat Wrestling Championships in Bulgaria, winning gold via submission against a 2nd Degree Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and former UFC fighter.

     Kaiser has also earned the opportunity to represent Canada twice at the prestigious Eddie Bravo Invitational, where he submitted the then current Mexican National Jiu Jitsu Champion. In an effort to test his limits, Kaiser competed in a Mixed Martial Arts bout in Calgary, Alberta where he submitted his opponent inside of the first minute via armbar submission.

      On the local scene Kaiser has seen great success as a 10 time Island champion. Many of these bouts were held in the absolute weight division where he submitted opponents over twice his size, literally. Kaiser even holds a world ranking in an  absolute tournament when he made the podium in Honjo Japan during the 2017 World Combat Wrestling Championships.

Teaching Bio

Matt Kaiser has been instructing Jiu Jitsu on the Island for over 6 years working with students of all ages and experience levels. A much sought after instructor, Kaiser has taught seminars around North America including: New York Combat Sambo Club in New York City, The Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas and Renzo Gracie Yucatan in Merida, Mexico..

     The passion Kaiser has for instructing Jiu Jitsu, results from helping everyday people unlock their extraordinary potential. While his techniques have been proven at the highest level of competitive grappling, they are designed for street defense and recreational exercise as well. Whether your Jiu Jitsu goals are related to sport mastery, street defense readiness, exercise and weight loss, or even social/personal development, then Coach Kaiser will help you achieve success.

In international competition, Kaiser has coached the Canadian Combat wrestling team for the past two years, grabbing over 10 medals, including x2 world champions, and an overall team trophy of Bronze in 2018 at the World Games.

    Kaiser is also a Registered Massage Therapist and owner of Metro Integrated Health clinic in downtown Victoria. It is this education that has given him a unique understanding of assessing the proper biomechanics and muscle recruitment needed in executing technique as efficiently as possible; this approach allows a smaller individual to overcome a much larger attacker.